Wild Mirage – Abdulrahman MATAR

New Book

Issued a few days ago, a novel ” wild Mirage  ” by A Syrian writer Abdulrahman MATAR /Dar JADAWIL for publication, translation and distribution – Beirut  2015. It is the first to be issued to the author of the novel, which was written within the political prison, plus considered pursuant to the literature of the prison in the Arab library.

The novel deals with the life of the prison, with all its sufferings and suffering. Focuses on 4 key issues: “Torture – oppression – deprivation – the violation of human rights and freedoms.” And through the division of the text to two times: from arrest to judgment, life imprisonment and the second period, in two parts and 38 chapters.

It also discusses some glimpses of the Arab Spring events, which tore ascendancy dictators, spite the enormity of the devastation and the greatness of the sacrifices. ..

The novel is set in a specific place is a prison, although there were many places of detention in. Without that overlook the repercussions related to public life, and the community of the novel.

Amer Abdullah, a writer and journalist, is arrested from the street, midday, for political reasons, to be exposed later to various kinds of torture, persecution and oppression at the hands of the investigators, then subject to trial sham an unfair, to find himself amid criminals penal as punishment doubling, spent by in agony of deprivation freedom and justice and family. In addition to the physical moral and oppression styles, used by the warden, such heinous inhuman prisoner abuses, and cases of oppression, rape and madness, which they are exposed in detention camps and prisons.

Amer Abdullah remains the central character, in each chapter there are characters adds to the novelist event, to lists the image of cruel and degrading life of the prisoner, under the hand of persecution, ignorance, disease and the underworld of on the other hand.

The author sees this work, a living testament to the experience lived behind bars, by within the walls, and succeeded in smuggling them paper .. paper. It is also a testimony to expose repression tyranny practiced by dictatorial regimes particularly Syria, Libya ..

The book is located in the 304-page broadsheet. Cover Mohammed J.ibrahim’s.

Abdulrahman MATAR is political writer and Syrian poet, publishing his writings in newspapers, and websites, _ Syrian &Arab, spoken out his opposition to the Syrian regime since the late seventies, and pushed a heavy price of the security pursuit detention, imprisonment and asylum..

Published author of several books, including: Rain leaves / poetry texts 1998- Damascus / Rabat. _ – Evening Rose / poetry texts 2000 – Damascus / Rabat (in collaboration with Tanit for publication).




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