A rain kiss




Heavy my steps over the bridge

In scorching summer morning

I leave behind a trace that will erase the wind

The stillness that hides the morning sun

.Will become the dust of anger

I said goodbye to Euphrates, the great river, my friend

,I have hidden memories in its heart

.Never to return

I cross the borders of the North

 Cities received me with astonished stares

:All eyes have one question

?What does the stranger want

Fugitive from the war, death, and detention

Refugees homeless

Wind and snow embrace me

Only the rain is now my friend

,My bag was in my ribs

And my papers in my soul


. My poems lead me to dreams


Near the great lake

I stand under the heavy rain

Where ships sail in the dark

I come from where people burn alive

Or suffocate on yellow air

Survivors wave bitterly

Bodies without hands

:The scream of a child fills the horizon

,O my father, grandfather

my legs remained under the rubble

,I am here

I sleep in safety

The city embraces my heart

.My eyes water these patient gardens

O road, bring the morning to shake hands with me

And sit with me near the lakes

We are thirsty for freedom

Sails awaken the lust of tales

.So that the universe would be full of dreams

We want the sun braids

To paint liberty

?Who is praying with us

I was immersed in memories

that disappeared in the rain

. And the distant night


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