My Heart

With the Lilac smile

Banter with the sky thread

In the eyelid lashes

Never abate

He said to me

Her heart is a grove of love

She is the world of beauty

Sweet ..glamorous

How can I smell her aroma

.And not inebriate


For your large-eyed

My lost lips starves

In the long night

Dreaming of you like Italicized flower boy

Like the happiness of your flection abate my craving cords

For cuddling its hands take pleasure on the bosom mounds

 And here

In vastness of my gardens passion


And grape

And the almond flower and the apple


And in the Meadow

Wild cherry

On the whisper of the soul plundering

Oh.. my princes

I am your lips gardener



Surprise me

With your falls of your hair and eyelashes

Touch the love of your heart

Surprise me and come to me

I am in the path of your desire

.Eagerness and travel


Nothing except you

Wretch me in

The bevel of your young body

Like the letters of the soul

Its meaning integrate between your burning lips

And the fall of your flying hair on

The explosion of your dancing steps

On the desired the scattered flowers

On your rounded body winds

Reveals with aromatic touch and the whisper of your eyes

Winds calling for your flammable laughing

..From the play of your fingers on my eyelids

I will be close to you

To gather from your eyes

Two from Damascus cherry

And smell on your cheek bough the pomegranate

I want

To be Monk dissolve in your temple

And you are foliate like dream gratify

!.. with a winter nights



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